About Nysics Media

About Nysics Media

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The Short:

  • We've been making videos for 15 years.
  • We specialize in visual effects and software solutions.
  • We'll help you see your project to completion.
  • While the pandemic has made live streaming more popular, we've been doing it for 10+ years.

The Long:

Nysics Media is a production house based in Manchester, NH that has 15+ years of experience filming weddings, running live productions, and making films and music videos.

Nysics Media specializes in using visual effects and new technology to create unique visuals and custom software solutions that elevate user experiences.

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Our Mission

Nysics is here to help people and businesses make their next big thing.

We do this by offering customers an unparalleled creative experience, helping them go from no-thing to their-thing in the quickest, most efficient, most frugal way possible.


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Our Vision

Nysics is the conduit between a person and their final piece of art. We see video and technology as a powerful means of conveying thoughts, ideas, emotions, and movements.

Nysics' vision is to become a film studio that brings talent from all over to tell compelling stories with awesome visuals and great technologies. Read our thoughts about that here:



We do this by...

Most recently, we've used visual effects to tell Between Forever's story in

, utilizing them to bring the viewer into an un-real world.

We've used new technologies to help Faith Baptist Church create their online-only program

, bringing unique results at incredibly low prices.

The Team



Founder, Creative Director



Writer, Customer Relations




While the brand Nysics has been around since 2003, Nysics Media LLC was officially founded in 2018. Since then, the business has grown and become more successful.


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  • Business founded.
  • Worked with
    Ted Gatsas
    on his Executive Councilor campaign.


What does "Nysics" mean?

Good question!

Andreas is a filmmaker who lives in New Hampshire. After graduating SNHU with a degree in Business/IT, he began pursuing his passion of combining creativity, film, software, and technology.