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Mar 15, 2020
Live Stream
Production Company
Nysics Media

Live Video

Call to Action

As everything began to shut down in March of 2020, Nysics was tasked with assisting Faith Baptist Church in developing a Sunday service live stream— in 2 days. The call was made Friday evening, and FBC needed to be ready by that Sunday.

The team at Nysics had to move quickly to get production rolling. In the 2 days until live, Nysics had to accomplish these tasks:

  • Modify the in-person service to a format that works online
  • Schedule times for people to come in and safely record
  • Edit together the production
  • Created an intro logo to make the online production look professional

The Plan

Thankfully, Nysics had been working with FBC the 2 months prior to beef up their streaming solution. The infrastructure was in place to stream, but the content still needed to be developed.

Saturday — the day before going live — came, and the team went around Manchester and FBC to get some b-roll for the intro.


Intro Bumper

Originally, the Pastor had planned on pre-recording the sermon so that it could be edited together. A last minute change meant that the sermon would have to be done live. This proved to be a fun challenge for the team, as the worship set was recorded live, as were other elements of the service.

Because of this, the infrastructure at FBC had to change. The stream was originally set up to play back a video; the system now had to be modified to play a video back and play live content, complete with sound mixing, slide switching, and different camera angles.

The morning came, and after some network glitches, the stream went very smoothly. For a less-than 48 hour turnaround, everyone was stoked, especially the congregants who were able to watch the service right from their Facebook feed.